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Who says Senior Portraits from a professional have to be expensive?  $99 Sessions.  Disks for a lot less than you think. (Like….less than $800)

Your portrait session:  45 minutes to an hour.  You pick the location from our list of preferred locations. If we have time, you may get two.  Bring as many outfits as you want. I take as many as we can get in the allotted time.  Bring your mom or dad or both. We love it when Parents come along. They may have a specific request or two that we don’t know about. Not to mention, they know your hair better than we do. It’ll be fun!  I promise.

What’s next:  We’ll work on the images and create a slide show with all the images.  We’ll set up a time for us to get together and you make your pick.  I’ll also show you various finishes on printed images.  My standard prints are mounted on board, textured and Sprayed (if they’re larger than 8×10).  Much much higher quality than a piece of paper.  That easy.  At least one of your parents has to be in attendance for buying decisions (if you’re under 18).

What if you want all of them?  This happens A LOT!   The price for the disk with 30 to 50 images is $799.  Then since you bought the disk, I’ll do a couple of things.  First I’m going to apply the $99 Session fee as a discount.  That makes the price $700 even.  Yep, that’s it.  Senior portraits should cost over $1000.  Yes, there’s more.  I will print your images, to my standard quality, but I’ll print them at about 20% of my listed prices. An 8×10 print is $125 on the regular price list. Buy the disk and not only do you get one free (as a proof) the rest of your 8×10’s will be $12.  Printed on professional grade paper.

I know that’s a lot of information so let me sum it all up for you:

45 minute to one hour session: Senior Price $99

Want all of them?  $700 for the disk and 1-8×10.

Prints? If I print them after you buy the disk:  My standard quality at an 80 – 90% reduction.

Other Specials:  Twins:  Here’s a special you won’t want to pass on.  First, if we’re doing both sessions, then I’ll do a third session with both twins FREE and if you’d like, I’ll even do a family session FREE.

Family Portrait:  Let’s say we’re doing your senior portraits and it’s been a while since you all had a family portrait.  Cool!  How bout I do one of those full family sessions absolutely FREE.  And what if you want the disk of all the Family Portrait images?  You can do that for the Senior Special Price of $900 and get cost plus pricing.


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